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It was a flat ride in the crypto markets apart from a blip earlier in the week (apart from today of course!). Our list followed a similar pattern with only a few notable risers and no significant fallers. At the time of writing the market was in a state of neutrality according to the Fear and Greed Index, maybe the recent dip we experienced is over? One thing is for certain there are still plenty of great buying opportunities.

Talking of great buying opportunities it is worth mentioning one thing in passing before we move on to this week’s list. As you may have noticed we have three common themes which we follow and try to impress upon our readers. Firstly, always focus on the fully diluted market cap of a token when assessing a token’s value, secondly, avoid memecoins and finally take profits. There is a fourth. Be very careful when investing in tokens which have a metaverse angle. There are going to be thousands of new tokens coming to the market to capitalize on the metaverse craze and we are sorry to say but 99% of these will be total crap. Tread carefully and don’t be attracted by the latest shiny metaverse play unless it truly has something unique. Don’t worry, we are on the lookout for these gems as well and you will be the first to know!

The biggest winners were:

Rentible +61%

Bridge Mutual +39%

Handshake +29%

Yield App +28%

And the losers:

PlotX -10%

Haven -7%


We downgraded PlotX from a hold to a sell. This is a project that doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction. Operating in an area that is bound to be the focus of regulators attention, not to mention it’s Indian bias, a country that is on the verge of banning ‘private’ cryptos, whatever that means, this is a crypto to consider divesting.

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For the sake of full disclosure we are both users of the Catchy wallet tracker and investors in their token.

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