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Last week the Fear and Greed index was registered at Extreme Fear. This week fear is not so prevalent with the index showing the market sentiment at a less negative but far from positive ‘Fear’. The market itself was up 9% in the last 7 days. Our list saw a more positive performance compared to previous weeks with only 3 fallers and the majority remaining unchanged.

The main winners this week were:

Faceter +31%

Energy Ledger +20%

DAPS +20%

CertiK +19%

The main losers this week were:

Catchy –16%

Spin -11%

Haven -5%

View this week’s Micro Cap Watch List here

Other goings on


Moonshot Monday

This week saw the last Moonshot Monday of the year. To commemorate this event we selected three undervalued and undiscovered micro caps with market values under $1.1 million. We think you will like what you hear!

You can listen to the podcast here

Inside Track

This week we released a new Inside Track podcast from SPIN. You can listen to the inside track on SPIN and its unique new blockchain lottery here.

SPIN price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko

Moonshot Weekly TV

This week we released Moonshot’s latest hot tip in his YouTube show Moonshot Weekly. Discover a project within the digital identity space which has a market value of only $1.1 million compared to its nearest competitor’s market value of $70 million. KYC is coming to crypto and Identity is an investment worth a closer look for that very reason.

Watch this week’s Moonshot Weekly here

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