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It’s been a busy week for us researching new moonshots for you. After ploughing through hundreds if not thousands of micro cap projects we selected seven that we felt had a good chance of major success. Three of our favorites we have included in today’s list.

It is always nice to have some new moonshots that we feel excited about. The list we have established here has a good selection of quality projects some of which have already been recognized by the market, other projects such as Rentible, Candela and our two new picks haven’t been, yet.

It is important, doesn’t matter how strongly you feel about a particular project, to spread your risk among a portfolio of projects which is the message we are trying to get over with our own Monthly Moonshot Portfolio.

So with all that said let’s see how our list did this week. It was one of our best weeks yet with some of our smaller picks performing exceptionally well.

The winners this week were:

Ethbox +133%

Rentible +115%

Haven +63%

And the losers, of which there were only a few:

Rarible – 8%

Uno Re -6%

PIVX – 5%

The three new additions in this week’s list were:


DAPS is a privacy coin that aims to be the most private and secure privacy coin on the market. What makes DAPS special is that it claims to be the first to solve the “trust problem” for fully private chains with their own Proof of Audit algorithm which audits the chain for any abnormalities without compromising it’s anonymity features.

DAPS appears to have a robust platform having been audited by Red4Sec. It also has a healthy sized community of loyal supporters.

DAPS is a project that is clearly under the radar especially when you look at the valuation of some of its competitors, including TurtleCoin, which was a tip of ours a few months ago, which has a fully diluted valuation of $110 million compared to DAPS’ $1.7 million.


In the next 3 years over 1 billion cameras will be installed across the globe, producing petabytes of video recordings daily. Faceter is designed to perform big data video analysis in real time – extracting faces, objects and events resulting in the transformation of these meaningless recordings into meaningful assets.

FACE token is the core of the decentralized network as a flexible, transparent, cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants. Starting with the payments they receive from customers who want to use Faceter for video analysis. Work of miners in their decentralized network is also paid by FACE.

Faceter has found a potentially lucrative niche which has so far remained unexplored particularly in the blockchain space. With a market cap of $2.5 million, fully diluted $4.8 million, this project is both undervalued and undiscovered. It is a project that deserves significantly more attention.


Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Libertas Project was born out of passion for free speech. It’s a way to allow people to have a platform without fear of being deleted, banned or deplatformed.

Libertas is building a platform dedicated to decentralising the spoken word, to allow freedom of speech to continue unhindered, to help those who have lost their voice reclaim it and to stop censorship from becoming a way of life.

Anyone will be able to upload their podcast and it cannot be taken down due to the immutable nature of the blockchain. Anyone from any country, including countries where freedom of speech is not protected and is not recognised as a right, will be able to have their voice heard.

Libertas is a commendable project. With big tech banning users for little or no reason but based on the whims of some discriminatory algorithm there is a need for a solution where users own their data and their content. There are many platforms emerging in the blockchain space to imitate Facebook and Twitter but nothing really in the podcast arena. Libertas’ platform is a little clunky at the moment but will only improve. Its market cap of $1.5 million makes this a perfect time to buy into this promising project. The price is already up nearly 100% since we first discovered it under a week ago.

Forthcoming AMA

We have the team at Libertas appearing on our Telegram channel for an AMA this Wednesday at 12pm EST 5pm GMT. Please join us here to participate Telegram: Join Group Chat


A bit of spring cleaning is always a good thing when you have a portfolio of investments. This week that involved swapping PIVX with DAPS. We had a decent run with PIVX recently and we think DAPS offers more upside.

Finally we removed AdEx. Again we have seen some nice gains here recently and with a market cap of $77 million there is better value to be found elsewhere.

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