Vote here to ask Metamask to include Polygon Network by default. : altcoin


Everyone always asks what they can do to get Polygon to succeed.

Here is one concrete and effective thing: Lets petition Metamask to get them to add it as a network out of the box. Its scary to configure Polygon as a network by hand in Metamask and we get a lot of dropoffs for adoption there.

I’ve added a feature request here:

Action Item: SHOW SUPPORT BY VOTING FOR THIS FEATURE, and maybe leaving a supportive comment.


  1. Click on link above

  2. Create a new account by clicking new account in upper right corner.

  3. verify email yadda yadda

  4. Go to the link above again.

  5. VOTE in support of the feature

  6. Leave a comment in support of the feature

You’ll see the the Binance chain folks are already lobbying Metamask. Lets get ahead of them in the queue.

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