Warning! Ripple Boss Sells off XRP Remnants


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February 11th 2021

The father of the cryptocurrency Ripple betrays his brainchild. Is he so affected by the problems with the SEC? What is the need to sell assets? These questions are not answered yet, but one thing is clear – Ripple is holding, no matter what!

We’ve seen Jed McCaleb sell 139.9 million XRP tokens in a week. A huge sum of $69.3 million was received from the transaction. This indicates the presence of demand for cryptocurrency, despite its plight.

Maybe there is something that we don’t know and there is insider information that provokes such demand for XRP. But why does McCaleb sell cryptocurrency if there is strong demand for it? So far, there are more questions than answers in this situation.

As for the price of tokens, it was not affected by the mass sale. On the contrary, today XRP has added more than 7% in price, and for the week – about 33%. Sales were carried out in eight batches. The first three to 12.7 million tokens. Five more at 19 million XRP.

McCaleb still has 480.5 million tokens on his wallet balance, and the total price of XRP is about $250 million. Will further sales from the wallet follow? It’s not clear! Subscribe to our Telegram and social networks to be the first to know the news of cryptocurrencies.

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