Why PIB has a strong case : altcoin


Hey there. So PIB is an interesting Altcoin that is using an automated bot together with traders to find algorithms to maximise long term investments, see it as a trust fund that is meant to generate a passive income over time. PIB does currently have a roadmap but as its current stage it is focusing on Uniswap and to compound the investments that you put in.

Now, what is PIB, is it a get money quick scheme? The answer to that is simply no. PIB is a long term investment plan for people who wish to invest money time to time and generate a passive income, and its a plan that is within the future meaning to extend into pancake swaps, but for now is using its Uniswap algorithms to create a better investment for their investors.

Now what does PIB have to show for, where is the beef so to speak. Well PIB have a live and updated spreadsheet dating all the way back to 2017, and overall have made some large profits. With that said, it is an aspiring project and with any altcoin it is better to get in earlier before it really takes off. All of these can be found at the website. I think that it has massive potential, and is definately an altcoin worth looking after.


or visit their twitter page to look for their AMAs and suggestions (Bull or bear)


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