Why you should learn about the newest project of former Dogecoin developer Eoghan Hayes


Broke the ATH recently with the catalysts of Satoshi club AMA, WhiteBit advertising and the practically untouched 100k USD marketing budget

Our full roadmap is up on https://dogira.net for anyone interested in taking a read through; and it details our core goals across 2021, with a heavy focus on further NFT ecosystem expansion, alongside delving into Blockchain Native Gaming

Our COMMUNITY has grown from 3k members a couple of days ago to now over 5,900! We have a very active and supportive community.

Site: https://dogira.net (new!)

Subreddit: r/Dogira

TX for DexTools/Uniswap: 0xe9bd6ddc2b13f46715382f74534950e004399d10

Ether: https://etherscan.io/token/0x4b86e0295e7d32433ffa6411b82b4f4e56a581e1

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/dogira


**Dogira – The Low-down

  • Microcap Token; currently < $9mil in Market Cap

  • Currently in the middle of a $100k Marketing Campaign!

  • Plans for coin integration/event rewards in Split or Steal, a game launched/owned by myself which hit #1 in Steam last year.

  • Officially Partnered with Feed Every Gorilla, with 4 million Dogira tokens being allocated to FEG’s staking pool

  • Not an Anonymous Team – Project Leads are doxxed.

  • Roadmap released, offering detail & timeframes on our Native Blockchain Gaming & NFT ecosystems.

  • Satoshi Club AMA happened today!

  • Grew to this level organically – only recently listing on CoinGecko, and our first CEX.

  • First Investment NFTs sold out in 10hrs – generating $35k for our CEX Listing fund.

  • New Investment NFTs dropping soon!

  • Core Team are active, friendly, and well-versed

  • Only 100mil tokens, of which 88mil are in circulation

  • Audited, and approved by War on Rugs (additional third-party audits currently being secured)

  • Community are super friendly and engaged – very reminiscent of old Doge.

In addition to this Lovely long winded elevator pitch the best bits have to be this snippet from the Whitepaper…I guess you could even call this the TL:DR albeit a long read.

Short version….Pretty much making a process that will allow game devs to integrate their games into the blockchain. I believe this will also work on already made games. This would allow the use of the most powerful anti cheat tech….the blockchain, no more 100 c-130s spawned in a COD lobby or wall hacking, autoaim etc. In addition it would allow us to integrate NFTs into the games and they can be used as items. consumables, displayed in game etc. Also can be used in a way that will provide other rewards i.e. this NFT will give you 10 eth by 2035 if you hold 20,000 Dogira for X time or will do (insert x) ALLL OF THIS on top of the fact that you will be able to stake Dogira and get passive income from these gaming, nft channels

For the more tech savvy

Get native blockchain gaming mass adoption. We are going to build a SDKs for popular game engines that allows regular Indie developers to integrate their game logic natively into the blockchain for cheat resistance and the ability to earn monetary blockchain rewards, both for themselves and for players, which could revolutionize free-to-play.

1️⃣ We will work with consumable and computational NFTs that are investment modifying and can influence your overall APY. They could act on staking or be used in-game.

2️⃣ Dogira will use different forms of staking alongside of gaming to reward passive holders, while gaming rewards active holders. You will be able to stake Dogira long-term for great reward, while taking them out of circulation to create price pressure

3️⃣ As Indie developers onboard their games with Dogira, we will help them market and fund their product in a Dogira LaunchPad, which will act similarly to a game store.

Keep in mind that I am bias and I am about as tech savvy as your couch. All info above is from the devs and the community, the “short version” is from me. We can’t wait to see you in the club

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