Why you should pay attention to Htmlcoin : altcoin


Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a post about a project that has been around since 2014. That project is Htmlcoin. They have had their fair share of dramas and challenges that’s for sure but it can’t be denied that they have come a long way since 2014! The first major milestone was the tech upgrade in late 2017 where they basically became a project fork of QTUM. Usually after mentioning that, people would ask why bother with Htmlcoin when they can get QTUM. It’s a somewhat logical question but inherently flawed. I would like to explain why with this analogy: Imagine you had to bet on a car race between a a McLaren supercar Vs a family Sedan. Granted that with only this information at hand, picking the McLaren wouldn’t be a bad bet. But if we had to stick Lewis Hamilton in the family sedan and then put a local janitor in the McLaren, who do you think will win? Point is that it’s the team that matters most and what they’re doing with the tech! The point is not that Htmlcoin is better than QTUM as Htmlcoin is not racing against QTUM. The Htmlcoin team have come a long way and will persevere relentlessly, there is no doubt in my mind. They recently had a live stream which is quite insightful where they talk about the most recent partnership with Bitcoin Meister and their 2 NFT platforms which are in development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imxPR7U1Pzg

They also have a Tier1 listing happening SooN! Check out their newly released website and whitepaper. https://htmlcoin.com/


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