With BitMart and XT launches out the way, I am more confident in ever in the MoonBoys ($MBS) roadmap, and that they have the team to see it through! : altcoin


TL;DR: I’m as confident as ever in MoonBoys to establish itself in the coming months regardless of what Musk and China have planned and with so much coming up on the roadmap combined with the current market wide dip this may be the last chance to get in at an attractive price point!

Not gonna go on and on here as I will let their roadmap do the talking, but with them having done everything they said they would so far (and more), I have faith that this coin is going to go from strength to strength as marketing kicks in in the coming months.

Their roadmap (with me adding in what is done!):

Q2 2021

-Listing on our first exchange (negotiations are in place as we speak with 3 major well-known exchanges, the one we decide to go with for our first will be disclosed in 3-4 days once the contract is signed) ✅ DONE- BitMart AND XT

-An ambassador to represent the face of MBS and hold live AMAs ✅ DONE- Kelvin of SafeMoon success is the face of MoonBoys and holds weekly AMA on Twitch on Sundays

-NFT rollout (first wave) INCOMING- Details dropping in tomorrow’s AMA

-Large scale group charity donation ✅ DONE AND THEN SOME- $100,000 donated to Children’s Heart Fund UK in just first of WEEKLY DONATIONS

-MoonBoys gaming tournament live-streamed INCOMING- Details dropping in tomorrow’s AMA

-Merchandise INCOMING- Details dropping in tomorrow’s AMA

-Fully in depth White-paper covering all the important details INCOMING

Q3 2021

-Expansion to Chinese and Korean exchanges- ✅ ALREADY DONE- XT Exchange launched Friday with full marketing partnership

-Second wave of NFTs Rolled out

-Sending the physical MoonBoys coin to space (live-streamed)

-Continuing live AMAs

-More gaming tournaments

-More charity donations

-Beta version of browser extension wallet

-Second wave of merchandise


Q4 2021

-Expansion to the Middle-East

-Game beta released

-Increased functionality to the MoonBoys wallet

-Public events

-Moonboys crypto-centric secure browser beta

-Continue public AMAs with regular updates to our progress

Q1 2022

-Complete what we regard as the world takeover and push across exchanges in any other untapped regions

-Have the browser and wallet both cohesive and constantly being improved upon with regular updates

-Game fully launched and playable with NFT interactions

-Begin our next steps to the future


A brief explanation for some of the points that need further development so you can understand the scope and magnitude we are aiming for:

Moonboys will also produce a limited range of NFTs that will be able to interact with a game we are building. The game at this point is conceptualised to allow the user to use MoonBoys NFT cards to allow for bonus characters, stages or power-ups. This will allow for a more bonus premium gaming experience, however, we will also be offering a wide range of services for the freemium user.

Moonboys will also produce our own wallet with built-in charts and a more accurate real-time feed of price for all deflationary coins allowing ALL of your deflationary coins to have an accurate live price and chart without having to switch to PooCoin, Dexguru (as TrustWallets price is usually slightly lagged and inaccurate).

We will further produce our own MBS crypto-centric secure browser to maintain your security to the highest standard with MBS as the inbuilt currency where you can Use and Earn MBS. You may wonder what we mean by a crypto-centric secure browser but in essence, what it will be is a secure way to use dApps with warnings when requests from untrustworthy or flagged dApps occur. This will prevent you from having your funds drained by the “presales” that connect to your wallet but do way more than you intended for them. We will also be making many other security features in our browser to make crypto 100x safer for the average consumer and new buyers. It will also run without all of the millions of errors you face on trust wallet and meta.

We have not included our marketing plans in this roadmap, but our marketing shall consist of billboards, influencers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and a plethora of other sources and will be constantly ongoing through all of our quarters.

We aim to tap into the NFT, games, security and utility markets giving us a wide variety of use case and a massive potential to grow further than any other coin, this is what puts us a grade above the rest. Our long term goals will prove we are not just a short-lived project but we will continue to and most definitely succeed in breaking all past limits and redefining the space as our own. Thank you for reading and welcome to MoonBoys.

We’re not sure anyone could need any more persuading to get aboard the rocket after that, but if you do feel free to comment, message, or check us out on Twitter, Telegram or our website; is what we are here for! So, do your own research, make your own decisions, and then get onboard the most exciting project of 2021 😉

MoonBoys- Creating Our Own World, Together”

So there you have it! As always DYOR and check out links below to see for yourself!


Website: https://moonboys.finance/

Reddit: r/ MoonBoysFinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoonBoysFinance

Telegram: https://t.me/MoonBoysOfficial

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/moonboys/

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