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AMA / VC recap December 14th


Since 2 months the NSFW project moved from crypto hype project to a data-driven company. We hired 15+ staff members and since then we have raised enough capital to build the plan we have. We are a super well-funded startup now. This is so huge and important as we can revolutionize the industry despite crypto movements or volume.

♨️ Live events
We had our first Nifty Party at Tim’s place in the Netherlands last Saturday ❤️

♨️ New Token Website
Will be live within 48 hours –

♨️ Staking Rewards
– Will be live probably next week, need to get security audit back before we want to launch
– We will begin with 4 & 12 week fixed staking with BNB as rewards
– The earned BNB can be unlocked every week and we will drop special NFTs to 12 week holders (we will announce details soon)

♨️ CEX listing
– Waiting for 1 more legal document.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
– Nice step for our strategy to become generally available to more people (also the less crypto/PCS savvy users)

♨️ Tokenomics change (due to staking and CEX listing)
Changed the tax from 10% to a sexy 6,9% tax
– 2% Staking rewards
– 1% Liquidity Pool
– 3,9% Marketing & Development
– No more automatic burn
– No more reflections

♨️ Nudes for charity
– For Tim’s action there will be an extra unlockable: Exclusive entrance ticket for our Caribbean VIP weekend trip next year (if the covid situation allows it)!!

Roadmap December
– Community Staking Pools
– CEX Listing

Roadmap Q1-Q2 ’22
– Our first algorithmic NFT collection
– Another CEX listing
– Pleasurely Beta release
– NFT marketplace Web 3.0
– Game with $NSFW as currency
– White Label NFT Marketplace
– Metawhat??
– And much more …

🌐Website SFW:
🌐Website NSFW:
📃Contract: 0x9daaa05946e486add2c81e0d32d936866b8449d9

🌟🌟🌟 Stay save! 🌟🌟🌟 Stay Nifty 🌟🌟🌟

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