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Welcome, to the incentivized testnet phase of the Zenon Network!

This thread will have a variety of functions including but not limited to:

  • Important links and descriptions for the testnet

  • Sharing referral codes to earn more PP

  • Linking up with the community as a whole and also your specific race within the testnet

  • Troubleshooting issues within the testnet

  • Collaborating to find easter eggs within the testnet, Zenon said there could be secrets!

And more! This is the hub for discussion of the testnet, earing PP which you can redeem for real QSR, and getting ready for alphanet once this phase is completed.

I just heard about all this, what is Zenon?

Zenon Network is a completely unique and novel cryptocurrency project. It is almost impossible to sum up shortly, I recommend reading this article, the Ape’s Guide to the Galaxy:


To sum it up shortly in my own words however, the Zenon Network is a completely unique dual coin ledger system, that utilizes both PoW and PoS, as well as hybridizes blockchain and lattice technology with DAG. Through this unique and revolutionary step in ledger technology Zenon is going to bring defi and smart contracts as well as scalability to Bitcoin. Zenon will also have an entire tokenization network within the wallet, as well as built in mechanisms to defeat spam and has solved the oracle problem right on the protocol layer. To find out more also see the official Zenon twitter and their website:



Like many crypto projects, begin to DYOR, and you will see how special Zenon is.

What about this free QSR I hear about, how do I participate in that?

This is likely what brought you to this thread! The Zenon Network announced on 3/21 it would enter a four stage testnet, with the final phase of the testnet being incentivized with the ability to earn QSR (the second coin of the dual ledger system) just for participating, we are now at that moment! The download links are here:


Simply download the wallet matching your OS and create your wallet for the first time. Save those seed keys and even export your seed vault as another backup layer. Once you are in the Syrius wallet, you can go to the “Quests” tab and start earning Plasma Points, which will ultimately be redeemable for QSR when alphanet begins. We are incredibly early in the grand scope of things, getting this QSR now could change your life in the long run.

Now that you’re in the testnet, you need to communicate with the rest of the Zenon Network participants!

Zenon Network Official Telegram


Zenon Network Community Telegram


**Zenon Network Testnet Races, join your squad!**

Ancientz – https://t.me/Ancientznn

Greyz – https://t.me/znngreyz

Zendroidz – https://t.me/joinchat/WqwWbpHx_-MzZGUx

Zygonz – https://t.me/joinchat/Hs8fa81STR9jZDc0

How to earn PP now!

First thing, when you do get started, use my referall code n the bottom left corner of the Quest tab! Boom, your first 1000 points!


And then feel free to post yours in this topic!Currently there are several quests that are twitter related, which are all very simple and the Quests walk you right through it! Once you complete those personal quests, it is time to community build. We participants can ultimately earn potentially tens of thousands of PP if we as a community can help grow it. We need to hit these targets, spread the word:

Zenon Twitter to 21K followers

Zenon CoinMarketCap to 21K watchlists

Zenon CoinGecko to 21K likes

Zenon Telegram to 10K members

Zenon Discord to 5K members

Zenon Medium community to 5K followers

If these goals get achieved, we will see more than just a few thousand PP in our accounts, let’s do this!

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